This is the beginning of a beautiful journey



My family has started a new journey!

Building our FOREVER HOME!

I’m so very grateful that we have the opportunity to build our Dream Home! When we started talking about building, I never would have imagined that our dreams would become a reality, but they are now coming to life!  Who would have thought?!

With this being said….so far this building experiences HAS BEEN A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! NO JOKE!  We started this process about 6 months ago and we JUST closed on our 3 acre lot 4 days ago.  Something tells me that we will have many obstacles to get through as we continue this crazy, beautiful journey.

I want to help by providing our experiences in this building process to anyone who is building a home now, or plans to in the future.  There MAY be a few funny stories along the way!


It didn’t for us anyway.

When we started this journey, we were going to be off of a cute little road, not in a neighborhood and then we hit a few of those “obstacles” I was talking about, and ended up in a neighborhood on 3 acres.  Go figure.   This all organically happened throughout the process of 6 months.

I’m a FIRM believer that “Everything Happens For A Reason.”

I don’t think I mentioned that we’re building a CUSTOM home, which means we had to pick through THOUSANDS of different websites and house plans to come to the realization that we were going to need to modify WHATEVER plans we found.  So that’s what we did.  We found a house plan that was ALMOST exactly what we wanted, purchased it and then paid to have it modified, though Monster House Plans.

Second Piece of Advice: Use Monster House Plans!  Monster House Plans has AMAZING customer service, a website that was easy to use and we’ve been told by our builder that our plans are perfection!!!  I’m so glad we did so much research before we purchased our plans!  I would HIGHLY recommend using them if you’re considering building a custom home.

Now we have closed on our lot, and are going to start this journey that will lead us to our Dream Home!

Along this journey we will need to fix a few things to our current home, get our current house ready to put on the market and continue to live and love life along the way.  I’m sure our amazing children will make it interesting for us and allow me to share many of our Parenting FAILS and Parenting Wins, as they always do!

~Megan Moore~