Just Keep Swimming


Last weekend we took a family trip to the Tennessee Aquarium, and let me just say…IT WAS AMAZING!!

Though, if you ask my husband, the trip was mostly a disaster… HAH!

How did our trip start….? Well it started with Adeline seeing the tanks for the first time and not understanding what she was seeing and immediately SCREAMING bloody murder…Oh Goodness… Then she would see Hunter standing right at the tank and want to be with him, words can’t express how much this girl loves her brother, and she would start SCREAMING again!  HAH!  I found this VERY amusing, and Kyle did NOT.

This is only ONE reason why we work so well together.  


When we were driving home from the Aquarium I kept comparing the Tennessee Aquarium with the Georgia Aquarium, and in my opinion there is NO COMPARISON.  The Tennessee Aquarium BY FAR a better experience.


But WHY do I feel this way?

  • The DRIVE was easier.  Yes, the Georgia Aquarium is about 50 minutes closer to us, BUT we didn’t have to sit in Atlanta traffic
  • The LAYOUT inside the buildings was AMAZING!  You get to see EVERY angle of the large tanks inside, which presented the opportunity to talk about how different ocean life lives and how they travel at different levels of the ocean!  This created such a great learning opportunity and conversation with our 5-year-old, Hunter!
  • The Tennessee Aquarium was partially outdoors!!  This was news to us when we arrived, BUT I feel like this made it so much more enjoyable for us and our children.  They had room to run and play in-between buildings and we could enjoy the beautiful weather!
  • They had kid friendly food!  My son is VERY picky…so annoying…but they had chicken nuggets, pizza, ice cream and more!  They also had burgers, chicken sandwiches and other food which was good for my burger loving hubby.
  • The CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS AMAZING!  I can’t say this enough!  They were SO nice, and seemed to really ENJOY their jobs!  There was a man who was helping me with our tickets on my phone, while I fumbled my phone, Adaline and my book bag.  He was so patient, nice and even HELPED me with my phone.  This was an added bonus!


When our trip was over and we were driving home, I was shocked to find out Kyle, my husband, felt the trip was out of control, this just shows how different we really are.  Our one year old, Adaline, running around screaming in fear, and then in excitement and a 5-year-old who couldn’t get enough!


I felt like it was one of the BEST days we’ve had in a LONG time.  We were all so happy, and we were together Two of my favorite things.  Every part of me loves to watch our children experience new things, and stand back and watch their reactions. Another part of me loves to get right up next to them ask questions, answer questions and act as though I’m a child again too.

We will be visiting the Tennessee Aquarium again!

“Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories!”


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