Is this really happening…?

We’re so excited that our easement is finally graded!!!


Honestly, after waiting almost a year I still feel like this isn’t real…

Is this really happening…?

When we went Saturday morning to walk the easement and the lot again, it started to sink in….THIS IS HAPPENING… So many emotions went through my mind in just that short period of time.  Excited, Blessed, Scared, Anxious, Sad

Yes I said sad…I’ve felt this way a lot recently, because I see my son playing with his friends in the neighborhood and really starting to build relationships with these other children and we’re moving him…again…We moved from our first house when Hunter was only 3 years old. We had the kind of relationships you want with your neighbors.  Our children played together, all the adults could hang out and enjoy themselves, sometimes a little too much! HAH!  The house we were in was an AMAZING starter home, but we were quickly growing out of it when Hunter was born. So we moved into our current home which is a good size home, but our plan was to finish our basement and build a shop for my husband when we bought it, which didn’t happen.

So…We’re building!


The easement is really giving us the privacy and acreage we wanted, but still allows us to be in a neighborhood.  This makes us both very EXCITED, especially after walking the lot again, and seeing how flat it is. There’s so much space for the children to run and play, maybe Mom too!  Can you imagine playing hide & seek in 3 acres of wooded land, making forts with trees and just playing!  It doesn’t seem like there are many children these days playing outside in the woods or outside at all, and I really want our children to experience being outside more.

TODAY STARTS GROUNDBREAKING ON THE LOT (as long as it doesn’t rain)!



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