The Master Plans

The Moore Family Forever Home

One of the first steps we had to take in building a custom home was picking a floor plan.  My husband, Kyle, and I really wanted similar inside features, though we had a completely different view of what the outside of the house would be.  Needless to say, it took us WEEKS to decide on a floor plan, and then we would have to purchase the plans, we used, as it and then pay to have them modified…Almost $2,000 later… YIKES…

This is what the basic layout of the outside of our Forever Home will look like…

Originally the plans had a cute railing for the front porch, but we wanted more of the Modern Farmhouse style~ish and felt the railing didn’t coordinate with this look so we removed it.  We also will be adding rock to the bottom half of all the porch posts, but that didn’t need to be “built into the plans,” as well as additional rock added to the house.  We’re not 100% sure if we will be putting a small amount of rock all along the bottom of the entire house, fill in rock all underneath the porch or on the bottom half of the garage…still sitting on some of those decisions…

Can I just have Joanna Gaines come design everything for me?! 

We’ve also gone back and forth so many times on the COLORS of the house, and I think we’ve FINALLY decided on a color scheme similar to what you see below.

Neutral browns and tan’s, with a more modern look.  I really LOVE the stained shutters and staggered shakes, but apparently they are more expensive than vinyl so we will just have to wait and see if Momma gets what she wants.    You can’t tell in these pictures but there are a few Gables, one above the garage and couple more on other points of the house – I REALLY, REALLY want to incorporate some Gables on our home.

My husband has ALWAYS said that I have a talent for walking into ANY store and picking the MOST EXPENSIVE items there…It’s starting to show more and more these days…

We also have it in the plans to have a screened in porch and a slab next to the porch with a gas line for Kyle’s grill, he’s super excited about not having to go buy propane tanks anymore!! WOO!!


Now on to the First Floor, which has some of my FAVORITE rooms!


Okay…So my FAVORITE thing about builidng this home, is how we wont have ANY STAIRS to get into the house!! WAHOOO!!!!  I’ve ALWAYS had to walk in AT LEAST one flight of stairs to get into the house, and I CAN NOT WAIT to never have to do that again!

Even better, there is a Mud Room RIGHT when you walk in from the garage for the everyone to drop off their backpacks, bags and shoes with some stylish cabinets to hide it all!  Lets not forget the cute bench that’s going to be incorporated to help take your shoes off with ease!  This will DRASTICALLY improve my mood when my husband gets home and takes his boots off from work and can leave them there! WINNING!


We really like the idea of an open living room and kitchen concept along with a large area for people to sit and enjoy each other.  We felt like our bar in the kitchen, open living room and breakfast nook area will help provide extra seating and allow everyone to talk no matter where they end up.

My side of the family is pretty large, and I can’t wait to have the ENTIRE family over!!

Did you happen to notice that there are TWO pantries?!  No more kitchen storage issues for this girl!

Second Floor


We have two children, and don’t plan on having anymore so this allowed us to make all the bedrooms a pretty good size, along with walk-in closets for EVERYONE!! WOO!! Did you happen to see HOW BIG the master closet is?!  DREAM CLOSET space for sure!  One day I may be able to make it exactly how I want it, buuuuut this will have to wait for now, at least the SPACE is there for it!

The master deck was left in our plans originally for my husband.  The lot we initially were going to buy, about six months ago now, was right next to a bluegrass festival and my husband loved the idea of walking out on the back porch sitting and listening to the banjos play.  Now we’re not anywhere near the bluegrass festival and have decided to remove the deck, which may allow us to make the children’s bathroom a little bigger to include two sinks instead of one ~ There goes me and wanting to spend more money AGAIN.

Anything that causes less arguments with the children, right?!

There are a few minor modifications we’re going to make along the way to the plans, but somehow my husband and I pulled together everything we wanted in a home!

Now to keep this budget on track with my Project Management skills and Smartsheet!


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