Let me start by saying that the grading process has actually been pretty enjoyable…for the lot anyway

The grading of our easement is another story entirely. Buh…

Below shows the first day of grading that took place, which is cleared on the right for the front yard and part of the house.

Having 3 acres and a fairly flat lot, we knew up front that we wanted a decent sized front yard and a pretty big back yard.

The backyard is one of the MOST important features of this house for me… I’ve struggled with having our backyard be a whole floor down from our main living space, which ISN’T ideal for little children.  Anytime Hunter wants to go play in the backyard I CONSTANTLY have to walk out on the back porch to see him, which makes getting ANYTHING done almost impossible.

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When choosing our plans, we decided to use Monster House Plans, we were careful to choose a home that would allow us to see into the backyard while standing on the first floor of the home.  Once we move in we wont be having this issue ANY MORE!


This picture shows Kyle talking with the really cool grader on the second big day of grading.  Most of the house area is now graded, and there still needs to be some more grading for the backyard!
Partial Lot

Other than the rain slowing us down a little, as well as the annoying easement issues we’ve been having, this part of our building process has been very enjoyable.  It’s exciting to see progress!

We should see the remainder of the lot graded today!!

Let’s not forget the area where Kyle’s shop will go!  We’ve decided to move the shop a little closer to the house than originally planned, to allow us to save some extra dirt for the backyard leveling and grading.  We originally wanted the shop pretty far from the house, because we know how noisy it can get when he works on trucks, but realistically the farther away the shop is the more money we’re going to spend.

The area on the left side that’s partially graded is going to be Kyle’s shop area, and you can see the house and yard area to the right.

The more I see getting done here, the more I realize we’ve gotta get moving on some of the things we’re doing to our house to sell!!

Time to buckle down!


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