A Little Rain Caused Decorating

The rain has put a small delay on our building timeline, so I decided to share a little about my recent decorating purchases for the new home.

My current obsession…..Magnolia Market.

I really love EVERYTHING on their site, but I will only spend SO MUCH on a pillow$60 for a pillow is too much for me, so I probably wont be owning any of their ADORABLE pillows unless someone buys them for us.

What I have purchased off of their site, I LOVE!

I REALLY love all the florals offered on the Magnolia Market site!!  I’ve purchased the Cotton Stems after a TON of reasearch, googling and searching for cheap, good quality cotton stems and the ones off of Magnolia Market were the best bang for my buck, and I would HIGHLY recommend them.  The small stems (22 inches long) are $6 for one and the long stems (30 inches long) are $8 for one.

These cotton stems are AMAZING quality!  They are beautiful in person and the stems are made with a wire in them so they easily bend to your liking.  I used the cotton stems in the Small – Zinc Norah Vase, from Magnolia Market, as well as in my Natural Grapevine Wreath on my fireplace mantle.  The wreath was purchased on Amazon for only $15.54, which I felt was a great prices for 2 days shipping.   Putting this wreath together was super easy, the stems easily bent around the sticks and no string, glue or ties were needed and I only used 4 small stems!

For the sake of testing quality, I did purchase other cotton stems from FactoryDirectCraft.com, which are shown below, but the quality is good but they are MUCH shorter and have a lot more brown pieces, which I don’t particularly like.  I will not be purchasing cotton stems from them again, only because the stems from Magnolia Market were so prettier, and similar in price.


My sweet husband has recognized my current obsession with Joanna Gaines and for Valentines Day this year he purchased me the metal sign below, We Were Together I Forget the Rest, which is now discontinued because of high demand.


I CAN NOT WAIT to find the perfect place for this sign in the new home!

So aside from my love of Magnolia Market, Hobby Lobby has another place in my heart for decor, though I do wish they were open on SUNDAYS!

The galvanized vase and florals below were a recent find at Hobby Lobby, that really added some much-needed greenery to our home.  I love how realistic the stems look, though I can’t remember for the life of me what they are called! HAH!


And then there’s Amazon Prime…Where I currently buy almost EVERYTHING…It’s a serious problem in my husband’s eyes. HAH!  THAT will have to be another blog post entirely.


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