Waiting on the Inspector

After four LONG weeks of grading, and making sure EVERYTHING was PERFECT we finally have an idea on how big our yard is going to be!!


It’s a little difficult to tell, but in the second photo you can see behind the child in blue, my son Hunter, is where they have staked the house!!

CAN YOU SEE THAT BIG BACKYARD?! Oh my goodness I’m excited!

We had to have quite a bit of extra dirt brought in to make the backyard bigger and to better my husbands shop area, which is to the very left of the second photo, but we feel it was TOTALLY worth the wait!

Lessons Learned:
1. Creating a “perfect” backyard is more difficult than you may think.
2. One tiny gradual slope in the land can make a HUGE drop off.

With two small children we are a little worried about the drop off created at the back of the yard before the woods, so we’ve decided to fence the area up top, which will also allow our dogs to have their own fenced in area below to “Do Their Business.”  This was a GENIUS suggestion from my oh so smart husband!

With a Great Dane and two other dogs, we’ve always had to avoid their “Landmines” while playing in the yard and now we wont have to!!

After four LONG weeks of grading, we had the plumbing installed in just ONE DAY!

The inspection for the plumbing is scheduled for today, and then they will pour the concrete!

I feel like we’re getting really close to all of the EXCITING STUFF!


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