Last Minute Plumbing & Concrete

We received a text from our builder on April 17th around 6:00 PM stating that concrete would be poured the following morning!! SO exciting right?! Not for my husband who had decided he wanted to self install plumbing in his shop…

Kyle stopped at the hardware store on his way home, spent about $90 on plumbing pieces, came home and kissed the children and went to the lot to install plumbing.  It took him about 3 hours to install the necessary plumbing pieces for a toilet and sink, which he had NEVER done before, and he did an AMAZING JOB!!

The next morning around 8:45 AM our builder, Russ Tibbitts (AMAZING BTW), started to text us photos of the concrete being poured!!

It’s such a great feeling knowing our builder is SO on top of things.  When he says something is going to happen it does, which really makes me feel at ease due to my tendency to over analyze E V E R Y T H I N G.

When I get in the zone of over analyzing details my husband likes to sing “She’s sun and rain, she’s fire and ice, A little crazy but it’s nice”  Garth Brooks – She’s Every Woman.  My husband is a special kind of person who expresses his feelings and thoughts through songs, I think his second language is “SONG LYRICS.”  I love this about him! ❤

Something I WASN’T prepared for the next question our builder would ask while the concrete was pouring…”Are you going to want your kitchen bar like your plans show or are you going to want an island?”  O-M-G… PANICI WAS NOT READY to answer this question…

I text my husband, my Mom and even asked my friend Laura what she thought. Honestly,  I really love the look of an island, but a bar would allow for extra seating…. After what seemed like forever, maybe 30 minutes, we decided to keep the bar, but instead of having the back part where the seats go raised all of the counter would be the same height.


Another thing that kept popping up in my mind while making the decision of the bar or the island, was the difficult time we had finding tall bar stools in our current home.  Not only were they difficult to find but they were A LOT more expensive, so the counter height bar will overall be a better decision!

Now that the Concrete has been finished, framing is next!  Framing was supposed to start today, April 24, 2017, BUT we’ve been rained out so TOMORROW they will be framing!! Weather calls for SUNSHINE!! WAHOO!!

Yesterday I met with our awesome builder to discuss a few changes to our plans we’re wanting to be made.  Below is a list of changes to our plans that we discussed with our builder.
  1. Change the single door in the Breakfast Nook to a double door (This is my husbands MUST-HAVE for an easy move in)
  2. Replace the arch in the front porch with a pretty gable and add another above the garage.
  3. Removing the door from the Mud Room to the hallway
  4. Add a Pot Filler above the stove
  5. Make the children’s upstairs bathroom bigger to allow for a double sink
  6. Add window in the master closet
  7. Remove linen closet in master and make this space for additional counter space or a tall cabinet

So far we’re very happy with our builder and our land. 

Panoramic photo before concrete went in.



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