What’s better than the BEST Mudroom design?!

I originally thought I had the BEST Mudroom design for our Forever Home, but the more I look at designs on Pinterest the more I question how we will design our Mudroom and the clock is ticking!

Below is the original design I found and fell in love with. Mudroom
I LOVE the cabinets, the hooks and the space to sit to take shoes off!! Perfection right?!

Well… Then I decided to search Mudrooms on Pinterest AGAIN, which I probably shouldn’t have done because I found this GENIUS design with one side having a counter!!!

A M A Z I N G!

I’ve only got a month or two to make this HUGE decision!  I’d love some opinions, ideas and comments to help make this OH SO IMPORTANT decision!!

Building a custom home is such a blessing and I’m so emotionally invested its ridiculous, but honestly it’s so difficult because the options are ENDLESS!!!  SOMEONE HELP!!

Megan Moore


4 thoughts on “MUDROOM DESIGN

  1. linda mrasek says:

    Aloha 🙂
    the biggest difference is having the storage area open or closed…right? if you plan on storing shoes – I get the open spaces under the bench. I have grown to like being able to close the door on closets/drawers etc…just to make things appear organized! Not sure if you have an office area – if not – I would recommend one of the larger drawers have a filing system – for school work etc….easy “dump and run” when you walk in the house. It is so much fun watching your progress. thanks for sharing.

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    • Moore To Love says:

      Love these suggestions!!! We are going to have an office downstairs, and we haven’t purchased office furniture yet but I’m trying to be smart about that too, so thank you! I love the closed doors too, I think that’s a must! 🙂


  2. Marika says:

    Yes to the counter!!! Such a good idea! I honestly think a counter is a better idea than the seat. How many times do you actually sit down to put your shoes on and off by the doorway? Maybe incorporate both in some way! I like the floor to ceiling cabinets too that will be handy for extra storage. Or even cleaning supplies coats hats etc.

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