Windows, HardiePlank®, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical!

We have WINDOWS, some HardiePlank® siding and MOORE!

It wasn’t a difficult decision to use HardiePlank® for our siding, though it is more expensive.  This will allow us to change colors on the house, if we ever want to, it has a 50-year limited warranty, its rot and insect resistant, the appearance is prettier than vinyl, its fire resistant (by 90% WOW), and it’s storm resistant.


Some people see the maintenance of repainting and maintaining the HardiePlank® as a CON, but I actually like the idea of being able to change the look of our house one day if we really want to.  If you’re building a home the type of siding is a HUGE decision and you should take the time to research all your options and choose what fits your family.

Something else that my husband REALLY likes is that our doors leading to the backyard all have blinds inside the glass, but they have the option to be pulled all the way to the top so you can still see out of it as a big sheet of glass if you want!  (I can totally see my husband closing these and me reopening them and EVENTUALLY they will be broken, BUUUUUT let’s hope not!)

We decided to go with Almond colored Legend Series windows with no panes inside made by Comfort View.  I’ve already played with these windows and they are SUPER easy to open and close, which I love for ME but not sure how I feel about that for my children.  My favorite feature of the windows is how the bottom window flips inward to allow for easy cleaning!! WIN!

I can’t wait to see that almond colored window next to the finished exterior!! It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤

We also have most of the electrical finished, the HVAC and plumbing!!! I can’t believe it’s moving so fast!
HVAC & Electrical

Just LOOK AT THIS JETTED TUB!! I think we’re ALL excited jump in this thing!! ❤  It was a LITTLE more expensive, about $800 total so not too bad, but I feel like it’s TOTALLY worth the investment!!
Master Tub

I’ve heard so many awful stories about building from so many people and how they say they will NEVER build again, but honestly this has been so much fun so far!! It took us a LONG time to get started, but once we did it’s been fantastic!!

Back Doors

Thank you for reading,
Megan Moore


We have a ROOF, and so much more!

I can’t believe its been almost THREE WEEKS since I’ve posted!! We’ve had SO much going on with the build and getting our house ready to list!!

We have a ROOF!

The roof went up SO FAST, only a couple of days, which I was super surprised to see, and the wrapping of the house was done within those two days as well!!

Picking the color of the roof was a no-brainer for my husband, but I thought for just a slight second that we should pick a roof with some browns in it because the colors on the house were going to be brown…Our awesome builder highly recommended the color Charcoal because it lasts longest…So we went with Charcoal!

We also met with the Electrician, Plumber, HVAC and Builder in a matter of 5 hours one afternoon, which seemed SUPER productive to do it all at once and to have everyone overlapping and having the opportunity to discuss.I would HIGHLY recommend meeting like this if you’re going to be building a home.

We ended up choosing the cabinets below.
CabinetsThe Bisque (off white with the brown creases) will go in the kitchen and the brown cabinets will go in the bathrooms and the laundry room!  The cabinets will also have the style of the Bisque sample shown above and are made of maple wood.

It took me WEEKS to talk Kyle into the Bisque cabinets, but as soon as he saw his friends cabinets, which are similar, he finally said YES!! HOORAY!!

Originally I wanted a plate rack in the kitchen, BUUUUUT I decided that two large cabinets on either side of my master sink would be a better place to spend money.  Sooo…No Plate Rack, but extra cabinets for Mommy’s Accessories!! WIN!

We also ended up moving our appliances around after speaking with the Cabinet Supplier, Bobby.  Sweet Bobby is a good ‘ol country boy and he was so easy to talk to and super sweet! ANYWAY… ended up removing the Double Oven and having a wall mounted Oven and Convection Oven, due to the overruns on the extra $4K my husband spent on AC…Gotta make that cost up SOMEWHERE, but we always seem to so I’m not too worried at this point.

Here’s where the kitchen will be and the island. OH and that super excited, handsome boy, hes mine! ❤

Speaking of the HVAC…We originally budgeted for a basic HVAC system with two units.  The house is just shy of 2800 sq ft and is two story so the need for two high efficient units is REAL, especially with my husband wants our house FREEZING 24-7.  Another factor in needing more efficient units is that our son has Asthma, so we made some slight improvements to the filters and storage of the HVAC system.  Hopefully this HVAC system, $4K over budget, makes our house freezing in no time or the Hubby WONT be happy…(He works outside ALL day and needs to come home to a cold house to be in a good mood, sooooo its worth it! HAH!)

Did you notice all the outlets in the last photo?! YES they’ve already started the electrical AND plumbing!!! Have I mentioned Russ Tibbitts is an AMAZING builder?!

WE MIGHT be a little excited?!

HELP NEEDED! I need help deciding on BATHROOM TILE!  I love the grey subway tiles and I’m thinking we would want a darker floor in the shower, maybe the round pebble looking floor…? HELP!!!!

Exceeding Expectations

After the excitement of the concrete being poured I quickly became overwhelmed with MOORE excitement!



After only a few short days, I was so surprised to see how quickly the house was being framed!!

When we saw the concrete poured before the framing started it really made the house feel small… Once the framing started it felt like a completely different space!

Being able to walk inside the house, with a lot of the framining done, has quickly assured us that our home does NOT feel small like it did when we only saw a slab of concrete.

Unlike many people I know who have built a home, building a custom home didn’t allow for us to walk into our floorplan prior to building.  This was a scary unknown for us, but I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what it would somewhat feel like because we measured all the rooms in our currnet home.  Our current home has really big rooms throughout, which we love and we were sure to keep that trend in this home.

If you’re building a custom home and can’t walk through your floorplan I would  HIGHLY recommend measuring the rooms wherever your currently living and comaparing the sizes of the room to allow you to feel how big your spaces will be.

My FAVORITE part of this home currently is THE FRONT PORCH!!! I can’t wait for them to frame up the gable and to see what the entrance of our forever home will look like! I can just picture myself in a rocking chair drinking my coffee on a Saturday morning and just taking in the beauty!!  ❤


When I walked into the house I immediately started picturing where I was going to be putting furniture….is this normal?? I was trying to decide what would I put in the entrance, what would I hang in the hallway and I even started talking outloud and of course my husband was NOT thinking that far ahead, except for the living room furniture – BIG DEAL for him. ❤


After my moments of awe, I started to watch how our son, Hunter, was reacting.  He was running around in excitement, talking so fast I couldnt even understand him!!  As soon as we walked upstairs he picked out his bedroom, which changed once he walked into them vs seeing them on paper. Every move he made helped reassure me that we’re making the right decision.

Where was our sweet Adaline in all of this……? In the car watching Moana….That girl is OBSESSED with that amazing movie at the young age of only 19 months!  I can’t pull her away from that movie for ANYTHING lately, except maybe food! HAH!


Hunter LOVED looking down from the windows and talking about how high up he was, which of course TERRIFIED ME to see him do, but I had to keep myself from freaking out and ruining the moments he was having and enjoy the moments with him.


This view out our Master Bedroom though…amazing!  I can’t wait to see all the beautiful grass in our yard!

While the framing was taking place our builder was already asking us questions I didn’t expect:

  1. What color doorknobs are you going to want?

  2. What color roof are you going to want?

  3. What color windows are you wanting?

Our builder continues to surprise us and show us how on top of his job he really is.  I’m so grateful for this.


This adventure has by far exceeded any expectations I’ve ever had.  I’m so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement these days that I can’t hardly talk, think or dream of anything else! So if you’re having a conversation with me and I drift back to talk about building our home and I’m driving you crazy….sorry….I’m just so excited I can’t stand it!


Are we living here yet?!