Exceeding Expectations

After the excitement of the concrete being poured I quickly became overwhelmed with MOORE excitement!



After only a few short days, I was so surprised to see how quickly the house was being framed!!

When we saw the concrete poured before the framing started it really made the house feel small… Once the framing started it felt like a completely different space!

Being able to walk inside the house, with a lot of the framining done, has quickly assured us that our home does NOT feel small like it did when we only saw a slab of concrete.

Unlike many people I know who have built a home, building a custom home didn’t allow for us to walk into our floorplan prior to building.  This was a scary unknown for us, but I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what it would somewhat feel like because we measured all the rooms in our currnet home.  Our current home has really big rooms throughout, which we love and we were sure to keep that trend in this home.

If you’re building a custom home and can’t walk through your floorplan I would  HIGHLY recommend measuring the rooms wherever your currently living and comaparing the sizes of the room to allow you to feel how big your spaces will be.

My FAVORITE part of this home currently is THE FRONT PORCH!!! I can’t wait for them to frame up the gable and to see what the entrance of our forever home will look like! I can just picture myself in a rocking chair drinking my coffee on a Saturday morning and just taking in the beauty!!  ❤


When I walked into the house I immediately started picturing where I was going to be putting furniture….is this normal?? I was trying to decide what would I put in the entrance, what would I hang in the hallway and I even started talking outloud and of course my husband was NOT thinking that far ahead, except for the living room furniture – BIG DEAL for him. ❤


After my moments of awe, I started to watch how our son, Hunter, was reacting.  He was running around in excitement, talking so fast I couldnt even understand him!!  As soon as we walked upstairs he picked out his bedroom, which changed once he walked into them vs seeing them on paper. Every move he made helped reassure me that we’re making the right decision.

Where was our sweet Adaline in all of this……? In the car watching Moana….That girl is OBSESSED with that amazing movie at the young age of only 19 months!  I can’t pull her away from that movie for ANYTHING lately, except maybe food! HAH!


Hunter LOVED looking down from the windows and talking about how high up he was, which of course TERRIFIED ME to see him do, but I had to keep myself from freaking out and ruining the moments he was having and enjoy the moments with him.


This view out our Master Bedroom though…amazing!  I can’t wait to see all the beautiful grass in our yard!

While the framing was taking place our builder was already asking us questions I didn’t expect:

  1. What color doorknobs are you going to want?

  2. What color roof are you going to want?

  3. What color windows are you wanting?

Our builder continues to surprise us and show us how on top of his job he really is.  I’m so grateful for this.


This adventure has by far exceeded any expectations I’ve ever had.  I’m so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement these days that I can’t hardly talk, think or dream of anything else! So if you’re having a conversation with me and I drift back to talk about building our home and I’m driving you crazy….sorry….I’m just so excited I can’t stand it!


Are we living here yet?!


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