Windows, HardiePlank®, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical!

We have WINDOWS, some HardiePlank® siding and MOORE!

It wasn’t a difficult decision to use HardiePlank® for our siding, though it is more expensive.  This will allow us to change colors on the house, if we ever want to, it has a 50-year limited warranty, its rot and insect resistant, the appearance is prettier than vinyl, its fire resistant (by 90% WOW), and it’s storm resistant.


Some people see the maintenance of repainting and maintaining the HardiePlank® as a CON, but I actually like the idea of being able to change the look of our house one day if we really want to.  If you’re building a home the type of siding is a HUGE decision and you should take the time to research all your options and choose what fits your family.

Something else that my husband REALLY likes is that our doors leading to the backyard all have blinds inside the glass, but they have the option to be pulled all the way to the top so you can still see out of it as a big sheet of glass if you want!  (I can totally see my husband closing these and me reopening them and EVENTUALLY they will be broken, BUUUUUT let’s hope not!)

We decided to go with Almond colored Legend Series windows with no panes inside made by Comfort View.  I’ve already played with these windows and they are SUPER easy to open and close, which I love for ME but not sure how I feel about that for my children.  My favorite feature of the windows is how the bottom window flips inward to allow for easy cleaning!! WIN!

I can’t wait to see that almond colored window next to the finished exterior!! It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤

We also have most of the electrical finished, the HVAC and plumbing!!! I can’t believe it’s moving so fast!
HVAC & Electrical

Just LOOK AT THIS JETTED TUB!! I think we’re ALL excited jump in this thing!! ❤  It was a LITTLE more expensive, about $800 total so not too bad, but I feel like it’s TOTALLY worth the investment!!
Master Tub

I’ve heard so many awful stories about building from so many people and how they say they will NEVER build again, but honestly this has been so much fun so far!! It took us a LONG time to get started, but once we did it’s been fantastic!!

Back Doors

Thank you for reading,
Megan Moore


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