Being a Parent is so Hard…


I couldn’t ask for a more loving, creative or intelligent son than my Hunter, but sometimes being a parent is so much harder than I’d ever imagined.


Sometimes he makes bad choices: talking back, not listening, you know some of the normal behaviors that come with being a 5 year old to test boundaries.  Some days it would be SO much easier to not discipline him when he does something wrong and some days I LONG to allow his free spirit to just run wild and act anyway he chooses, but I know that in the end my husband and I are the ones that have to guide him through this crazy life and teach him how to be a hardworking, strong, caring, motivated adult.

We’re the ones that carry the burden of disciplining him when he gets angry and doesn’t want to clean up his toys, or when he acts up at school… Sometimes it would be so much easier to not ground him or to not punish him with chores, but one day he will be an adult, and one day he will have to face choices and if we never show him what good choices are than he will be unable to make these choices on his own and be successful in HIS life…It’s OUR job as parents…

This boy holds a deep place in my heart…Deeper than I could have ever imagined… ❤

He’s such a sweet boy and deeply cares about so many things.  He makes SO many good choices, but there are always those bad choices that creep up…

I constantly struggle with not wanting to discipline him and knowing I need to … Realizing that being a parent, disciplining and guiding him to make better choices is what he NEEDS but usually isn’t what he WANTS

Why is parenting so difficult?

I feel parenting is difficult because we love our children more than ANYTHING else in the entire world and we WANT to see them succeed and make good choices, and when they don’t we actually feel as if we’ve failed as a parent…Maybe that’s just me, but I want to see my children succeed in all areas of life and when something happens that we don’t expect it’s hard to take in and disciplining means watching your child be upset sometimes and that I believe is more painful than anything else in the world.

Not only do we carry the burden of disciplining our children, but we carry the burden of lifting our children up.  I’m not so sure I consider this a “burden,” but sometimes when our children need us the most isn’t always with disciplining… It’s also the times when our children need our encouragement. Hunter constantly talks to me about how he’s going to build these amazing robots one day that will clean the house for me and cook dinner because he knows that if I had a robot to do that we could have more time together, he totally so gets me, and I NEED to ALWAYS be there to encourage all his dreams.

It’s so easy after a long day at work to only “half-listen” to our children.  It’s so easy to really be thinking about work, bills, dinner anything really and just nod your head.  When you do this you’ve just missed a HUGE opportunity with your child, but I must admit I’ve done this myself a time or two and it breaks my heart when I realize it. It’s my JOB as a MOTHER to do my very best to always encourage any dream or ambitions  my children have, even if that means encouraging Hunter to be the best Jedi or the best Robot Builder he can be because it’s important to HIM.  Soon my daughter will start to have dreams and ambitions of her own and I know that I need to be there for her, listen and encourage them all.

Our children need a balance of our guidance and our uplifting encouragement to help them become great adults.  Children need our guidance to learn responsibility, patience, generosity, honestly and gratitude and we can’t do that by ignoring and pretending everything is fine because we’re tired from a long day at work.

How do we teach our children these things?

We teach our children these traits by being a good role model for them and providing consistency.

It’s not always easy…It’s actually really hard, but in the end being a good role model makes all the difference in the world!

When you go home tonight, listen to your children and encourage them with all their dreams but remember you are the one that will shape the adult they will become. ❤


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