The World is so Full of Hate…The World is so Angry…

As I’m sitting wondering why I’ve become more reclusive than I’ve ever been, I start to imagine my life before social media and before the majority of my adulthood.  I use to be very outgoing, fun and energetic and now I’m more introverted and I tend keep to myself.  I don’t enjoy going out where there will be large crowds of people, because I’m so scared of the unknowns…Could someone have a gun and start shooting?  Could someone decide to run over everyone walking?  Could there be an explosion?

I feel like the world is so full of hate…The world is so angry… On social media, the news, the radio and everywhere you look there is so much hate and crime everywhere you look…People getting hurt and people dying, people bragging about destroying the lives of others…I could just go on and on…

Of course there’s always been crime and hate in the world but now that social media has made it so easy to share anything in a matter of a second we quickly see hatred spread around the world.

Honestly, it scares me.  I’m scared for my children, my family and myself.

Everyday I log onto Social Media I see videos showing hate and evil… Just yesterday I saw a mother and daughter getting punched and assaulted for serving cold chicken in a restaurant…Videos of children getting abused and hurt…Videos of angry people rioting on the streets, damaging property and hurting people and children…

When did the world decide that it was okay to act like this?

Instead of sharing so much hate on the news, radio and social media why don’t we start sharing the good things? Let’s share the news of new babies, children playing and laughing, community service and people helping each other?

I’m sitting here trying to imagine what the world will be like when my children and grandchildren are grown?  Will the world continue to get worse? Is this really what we want for them?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to be oblivious to what’s happening in the world, but constantly seeing the horrible events seems to be contributing to people thinking that it’s okay to act this way.  It’s also contributing to the way I feel, and probably contributing to the way many people feel.

What do you think would happen if people stopped watching, liking and sharing these awful videos on social media and the news?

Maybe it would help…Maybe not…


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