I’m Sorry Mom…

I’m sitting here looking at my children with a tear rolling down my cheek…

I always had people tell me, “You don’t know what love is until you have a child,” and I thought they were all crazy.

Well, they were right…

Every day my children continue to amaze me in ways that I never thought imaginable and it makes me so emotional. I have at least one moment a day where I look at my children and I start to cry, because honestly I don’t know what I would do without them or if something ever happened to either one of them. They are the best thing that could have ever happened to me and they make me push to be a better person every day.

I think back to all the teenage years that my mother and I fought, not realizing how much she loved me and how much it hurt her when we couldn’t get along. Even one small argument must have torn her apart, because I know it would me.

I’m sorry Mom.

I’m sorry for all those days we argued and for always thinking that I was right, when really I was just an ignorant child.

I’m sorry for all those nights I lied to you and I snuck out; I’m sure you knew and worried yourself sick. I’m sorry for the hurtful things I said when I was angry, and for the grouchy attitude I always gave you. I’m sorry for not understanding how much you loved me.

I just want to thank you for helping make me the person I am today, because without you I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t be so strong, determined and have so much love in my heart.
I now understand it all… I wish I would have known sooner, but that wasn’t possible until I had a child of my own. 

It’s crazy how life works.

Thank you Mom, I love you!


Our Builder Gave Us Three Weeks…

Our builder gave us three weeks until the house will be finished!! This may not be move in date, because all invoices need to be paid and the last inspection and appraisal will need to be done, BUUUT THREE WEEKS!!!!

Our closing date to start our construction was February 24, 2017 which means we’ve been building our Custom Built Forever Home for 142 days, about 5 months, and will be finished at our 6 month mark! 

I never would have imagined the house would be as beautiful as it is today, and it’s not even finished!! Our builder walked the house with us yesterday and couldn’t stop saying how much he liked everything we picked in our house, including the paint colors he’s never used before! He wants to use our paint colors again because he likes them so much! Hah!

Once we get the shutters on the house and some grass down it will look complete from the outside!!

Another thing I’ve been having trouble deciding is adding a gable on the top of the garage on the right side of the house. There’s a large window there and the gable will cover part of the window if we add it, though the window does not open. Originally the window above the garage was going to be smaller but building code made us go with a bigger window.

The gable would look similar to the picture below, a picture I found on Pinterest.

I’ve wanted this gable above the garage from the beginning, BUUUT now I’m not sure because of the window being so large and could really use some advice!!


We’re going to be picking our shutters on Monday!! Wahoo!!

Originally I wanted stained shutters, but after hearing and reading about all the trouble with wear and tear of wood shutters (and hearing my husband continuously say he wanted vinyl shutters) we decided to get vinyl. He won that battle! Hah! 

I really feel the shutters will help tie everything together on the outside. We plan to pick similar shutters to the picture shown below and match the stain color from our cedar columns and shakes with a paint color for the shutters. 

Whatcha think?!

Any advice for the gable would be much appreciated!!! 

At First, We Didn’t Agree…

When we started building my husband and I agreed on ALMOST everything, kinda scary right?!

One thing we didn’t agree on was cabinets….Such a BIG piece of our forever home for us to not agree!

Kyle wanted dark brown cabinets in our kitchen and I wanted Bisquet Harvest Glaze, off white with brown detail in the cracks.  After months of looking at pictures I started to send kyle cabinets that I liked, hoping I could change his mind… didn’t work… Months of him not budging…

Finally kyle saw some similar cabinets in a Friends house and at first he still wouldn’t switch, though he did say he liked them! After another month or so he FINALLY gave in and told me we could do the cabinets I wanted!!! Thank you to our friends Stephanie and Jim for letting us come to your beautiful new home!!




Here are our cabinets in the kitchen!!

I love them Even more than I could ever imagine!! Honestly the pictures don’t do them justice, I’ll need to take more!!

I did agree to have the cabinets in the bathrooms a brown color, this way Kyle had his brown and I had my Bisque!!

Below is a picture of our guest bathroom downstairs, which connects to the In-Law Suite, that we will be using as a playroom for a while. There is also a bath/shower combo to the left that isn’t shown. Oh and LOOK- TILE!!!

The picture below will be Hunter & Adalines bathroom, each with their own sink! Horray for no more fighting while brushing teeth!!

The picture below is Kyles sink and cabinet in our master bath!

The picture below is MY SINK!! The house plans called for a regular pantry next to my sink, but I decided to remove it and have two pantry cabinets put in on the sides of my sink!!

Just LOOK at all the storage in these cabinets!

I’m seriously a junkie for storage and organizing my home so I can’t wait to get my hands on these!!

So I’d say my second favorite thing in our house right now is the master shower, and I had to really push to get the decorative arrow in the design because Kyle was NOT a fan! BUUUUTT it looks AMAZING!!!

The arrow across the top really added some character in the shower, which I LOVE, and it’s made of marble! I can’t get over how beautiful it is!  I can’t wait to actually take a shower in here!!!

P.S. – Kyle likes the arrow now!! WINNING!!

Any advice on where I should put towel hooks?

I originally wanted to put a blanket ladder outside the shower opening to the left to hang towels on, but I’m not sure if there’s enough room now with Kyles sink to the left?!?!

Who Would Steal Stair Treads…?

It’s all starting to come together!

Front of House with Lights

The paint color inside MIGHT be growing on me a little.  The cabinets and lights seem to help the Benjamin Moore, Gray Owl paint, matched by Sherwin WIlliams, look a little more GRAY rather than blue…maybe there’s still hope!  IF we decide to change the color in the main living spaces we’re out $1600. YIKES!  You’ll be able to see the difference in the color in the pictures below and be able to compare to my last blog post where I’m FREAKING OUT about the paint color.

So, on top of the PAINT incident someone decided to go to our site and STEAL our stair treads (the wood pieces on each step that you stand on).  I mean REALLY?!  What exactly are they going to DO with these…? This just seemed so strange to me because they didn’t steal ANYTHING else, not even the metal stair rails which are A LOT more expensive to buy…I really just don’t understand people… Anyway, the picture below shows how AWESOME the stair treads look that we’ve now purchased TWICE.  The picture on the left is our stair case and the picture on the right shows what they will look like when they are finished!!

Now, what’s even MORE exciting are the LIGHTS that were installed this week!!!


The majority of our lights were purchased from Light Works, and let me just tell you these people were SUPER nice and helpful when choosing the majority of our lights so I would highly recommend them if you’re building in the Dallas area.  Anyway, do you remember my blog post: Sheetrock, Paint and Stain?? The specialty lights in that blog post are shown above!!

The Wood and Iron Valencia Chandelier’s from World Market, were placed in the breakfast nook and the foyer.  I’m SOOOO in love with how these ended up looking in the house!!  The Wood Beam Chandelier, from West Ninth Vintage, is up and ready for me to assemble in our dining room!!  I can’t believe how perfectly these two sets of lights match!! I honestly couldn’t be happier with our purchases!

We also have our cabinets in, but I don’t have finished pictures yet, soooooo that will be the next post!!

Paint freak out!


Sooooo… we had the interior of the house painted one color to save money, and the color we chose Benjamin Moore, Gray Owl.

EVERY picture and review I found, after months of looking, said this gray was PERFECT! No greens no blue and just perfect..

Our builders painter uses Shirwin Williams and they said they match this color frequently and would be NO problem…

Well… this is what we ended up with…



So the first coat of paint vs the second coat seems to be what made the blue tint. The photo below shows the first coat on the left and the second coat on the right.

I went through our dumpster and the house and found EVERY bucket of paint used.. I test them all and the first coat looks very gray and the second coat looks BLUE, but mainly when the light hits it..

Honestly, I don’t HATE the color… it’s just not what I wanted… the painter told our builder when I complained that he’s been having this issue about once a week because he uses this color frequently… in my opinion he should have SAID SOMETHING BEFORE they painted if this has been a reoccurring issue… BUT now we’re having to find out how much it would cost to repaint..

Since I don’t HATE the color we’re getting an estimate on painting the downstairs, minus the in-law suite/playroom and the upstairs hallway…

To say the least, I’m super disappointed in Sherwin Williams ability to match the Benjamin Moore paint color AND even more disappointed in the painter who knew this has been an issue…Lesson Learned…

So I’m in need of recommendations for the perfect Sherwin Williams light gray color?!

Hardwoods, LVP OR Engineered Hadwoods?!

After looking at our budget multiple times we decided to stick with the tile choices for our bathrooms and shower BUT wanted to keep looking at the hardwoods. 

We originally choose a beautiful LVP you can see in the picture below.

We were told all of our choices were going to be very close to budget but ended up going over by about $1800, SOOOOO we decided to shop around for the hardwoods/LVP/engineered hardwoods and keep the tile we chose above.

We are struggling with wanting real hardwoods, but also wanting to make a smart choice, having 3 dogs, two small children and a husband who is always working on trucks can be rough on some floors, hell they are rough on everything! 🤣

We really like the rustic handscraped looking brown hardwood floors, which I feel would work even if the dogs or children scratch it up, but of COURSE we need to stay in budget (we’ve already gone over budget on quite a few things already).

So we’re on a mission today to find the perfect floors!!

Any recommendations, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!!!