Hardwoods, LVP OR Engineered Hadwoods?!

After looking at our budget multiple times we decided to stick with the tile choices for our bathrooms and shower BUT wanted to keep looking at the hardwoods. 

We originally choose a beautiful LVP you can see in the picture below.

We were told all of our choices were going to be very close to budget but ended up going over by about $1800, SOOOOO we decided to shop around for the hardwoods/LVP/engineered hardwoods and keep the tile we chose above.

We are struggling with wanting real hardwoods, but also wanting to make a smart choice, having 3 dogs, two small children and a husband who is always working on trucks can be rough on some floors, hell they are rough on everything! šŸ¤£

We really like the rustic handscraped looking brown hardwood floors, which I feel would work even if the dogs or children scratch it up, but of COURSE we need to stay in budget (we’ve already gone over budget on quite a few things already).

So we’re on a mission today to find the perfect floors!!

Any recommendations, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!!! 


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