Paint freak out!


Sooooo… we had the interior of the house painted one color to save money, and the color we chose Benjamin Moore, Gray Owl.

EVERY picture and review I found, after months of looking, said this gray was PERFECT! No greens no blue and just perfect..

Our builders painter uses Shirwin Williams and they said they match this color frequently and would be NO problem…

Well… this is what we ended up with…



So the first coat of paint vs the second coat seems to be what made the blue tint. The photo below shows the first coat on the left and the second coat on the right.

I went through our dumpster and the house and found EVERY bucket of paint used.. I test them all and the first coat looks very gray and the second coat looks BLUE, but mainly when the light hits it..

Honestly, I don’t HATE the color… it’s just not what I wanted… the painter told our builder when I complained that he’s been having this issue about once a week because he uses this color frequently… in my opinion he should have SAID SOMETHING BEFORE they painted if this has been a reoccurring issue… BUT now we’re having to find out how much it would cost to repaint..

Since I don’t HATE the color we’re getting an estimate on painting the downstairs, minus the in-law suite/playroom and the upstairs hallway…

To say the least, I’m super disappointed in Sherwin Williams ability to match the Benjamin Moore paint color AND even more disappointed in the painter who knew this has been an issue…Lesson Learned…

So I’m in need of recommendations for the perfect Sherwin Williams light gray color?!


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