Who Would Steal Stair Treads…?

It’s all starting to come together!

Front of House with Lights

The paint color inside MIGHT be growing on me a little.  The cabinets and lights seem to help the Benjamin Moore, Gray Owl paint, matched by Sherwin WIlliams, look a little more GRAY rather than blue…maybe there’s still hope!  IF we decide to change the color in the main living spaces we’re out $1600. YIKES!  You’ll be able to see the difference in the color in the pictures below and be able to compare to my last blog post where I’m FREAKING OUT about the paint color.

So, on top of the PAINT incident someone decided to go to our site and STEAL our stair treads (the wood pieces on each step that you stand on).  I mean REALLY?!  What exactly are they going to DO with these…? This just seemed so strange to me because they didn’t steal ANYTHING else, not even the metal stair rails which are A LOT more expensive to buy…I really just don’t understand people… Anyway, the picture below shows how AWESOME the stair treads look that we’ve now purchased TWICE.  The picture on the left is our stair case and the picture on the right shows what they will look like when they are finished!!

Now, what’s even MORE exciting are the LIGHTS that were installed this week!!!


The majority of our lights were purchased from Light Works, and let me just tell you these people were SUPER nice and helpful when choosing the majority of our lights so I would highly recommend them if you’re building in the Dallas area.  Anyway, do you remember my blog post: Sheetrock, Paint and Stain?? The specialty lights in that blog post are shown above!!

The Wood and Iron Valencia Chandelier’s from World Market, were placed in the breakfast nook and the foyer.  I’m SOOOO in love with how these ended up looking in the house!!  The Wood Beam Chandelier, from West Ninth Vintage, is up and ready for me to assemble in our dining room!!  I can’t believe how perfectly these two sets of lights match!! I honestly couldn’t be happier with our purchases!

We also have our cabinets in, but I don’t have finished pictures yet, soooooo that will be the next post!!


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