At First, We Didn’t Agree…

When we started building my husband and I agreed on ALMOST everything, kinda scary right?!

One thing we didn’t agree on was cabinets….Such a BIG piece of our forever home for us to not agree!

Kyle wanted dark brown cabinets in our kitchen and I wanted Bisquet Harvest Glaze, off white with brown detail in the cracks.  After months of looking at pictures I started to send kyle cabinets that I liked, hoping I could change his mind… didn’t work… Months of him not budging…

Finally kyle saw some similar cabinets in a Friends house and at first he still wouldn’t switch, though he did say he liked them! After another month or so he FINALLY gave in and told me we could do the cabinets I wanted!!! Thank you to our friends Stephanie and Jim for letting us come to your beautiful new home!!




Here are our cabinets in the kitchen!!

I love them Even more than I could ever imagine!! Honestly the pictures don’t do them justice, I’ll need to take more!!

I did agree to have the cabinets in the bathrooms a brown color, this way Kyle had his brown and I had my Bisque!!

Below is a picture of our guest bathroom downstairs, which connects to the In-Law Suite, that we will be using as a playroom for a while. There is also a bath/shower combo to the left that isn’t shown. Oh and LOOK- TILE!!!

The picture below will be Hunter & Adalines bathroom, each with their own sink! Horray for no more fighting while brushing teeth!!

The picture below is Kyles sink and cabinet in our master bath!

The picture below is MY SINK!! The house plans called for a regular pantry next to my sink, but I decided to remove it and have two pantry cabinets put in on the sides of my sink!!

Just LOOK at all the storage in these cabinets!

I’m seriously a junkie for storage and organizing my home so I can’t wait to get my hands on these!!

So I’d say my second favorite thing in our house right now is the master shower, and I had to really push to get the decorative arrow in the design because Kyle was NOT a fan! BUUUUTT it looks AMAZING!!!

The arrow across the top really added some character in the shower, which I LOVE, and it’s made of marble! I can’t get over how beautiful it is!  I can’t wait to actually take a shower in here!!!

P.S. – Kyle likes the arrow now!! WINNING!!

Any advice on where I should put towel hooks?

I originally wanted to put a blanket ladder outside the shower opening to the left to hang towels on, but I’m not sure if there’s enough room now with Kyles sink to the left?!?!


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