Our Builder Gave Us Three Weeks…

Our builder gave us three weeks until the house will be finished!! This may not be move in date, because all invoices need to be paid and the last inspection and appraisal will need to be done, BUUUT THREE WEEKS!!!!

Our closing date to start our construction was February 24, 2017 which means we’ve been building our Custom Built Forever Home for 142 days, about 5 months, and will be finished at our 6 month mark! 

I never would have imagined the house would be as beautiful as it is today, and it’s not even finished!! Our builder walked the house with us yesterday and couldn’t stop saying how much he liked everything we picked in our house, including the paint colors he’s never used before! He wants to use our paint colors again because he likes them so much! Hah!

Once we get the shutters on the house and some grass down it will look complete from the outside!!

Another thing I’ve been having trouble deciding is adding a gable on the top of the garage on the right side of the house. There’s a large window there and the gable will cover part of the window if we add it, though the window does not open. Originally the window above the garage was going to be smaller but building code made us go with a bigger window.

The gable would look similar to the picture below, a picture I found on Pinterest.

I’ve wanted this gable above the garage from the beginning, BUUUT now I’m not sure because of the window being so large and could really use some advice!!


We’re going to be picking our shutters on Monday!! Wahoo!!

Originally I wanted stained shutters, but after hearing and reading about all the trouble with wear and tear of wood shutters (and hearing my husband continuously say he wanted vinyl shutters) we decided to get vinyl. He won that battle! Hah! 

I really feel the shutters will help tie everything together on the outside. We plan to pick similar shutters to the picture shown below and match the stain color from our cedar columns and shakes with a paint color for the shutters. 

Whatcha think?!

Any advice for the gable would be much appreciated!!! 


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