Granite & Marble

Okay, let me start by saying that Pinterest is AMAZING, buuuuut it makes me have ridiculously expensive taste in decor and decorative features.

Secondly, I’m NOT rich or even close to it, so I definitely can’t afford my high class Pinterest taste! HAH!

With that being said, I had to take it down a notch from my Pinterest boards when building our home.

When building a custom home you literally have endless options, which I feel makes the process SOOOO difficult, and lately I really envy the people that have choices because they are building in a neighborhood or with a builder that only gives you limited options…

Prime example of my ridiculous Pinterest tastes are these Sienna Creme Granite Countertops, which I fell IN LOVE WITH!
Scenna Cream Granite

Aren’t these Granite tops BEAUTIFUL!?

PSH…..REALITY CHECK came quickly when I found out these were DOUBLE our budget price…sad moment I know…

My husband has always told me, “You could walk into any store and pick up the most expensive item there.”  Basically he’s right, and the granite company said the same thing…Cool…

Well, the picture below shows the granite samples we were given to help stay WITHIN our original budget.
Granite Choices2

I definitely did NOT like the black granite at the top and I really didn’t feel like the grey choices were going to flow well with our kitchen cabinets, which left us with the cream and brown colored samples.

Sooooooo, we decided we needed to go with something SEMI-Similar to my original granite choice, which led us to our Giallo Napole granite which is the bottom right sample.  After the install we were so glad we decided to choose something within budget and we’re LOVING our choice!!


The colors in the granite match perfectly with the brown cabinet overlay and it looks AMAZING!  There’s also a really cool small splash of grey mixed in on one part of the granite that adds a lot of character and we really feel it will look AWESOME with the new paint color.

Let’s not talk about that horrible blue paint color…That’s getting fixed soon and that’s another post entirely…

One thing I knew I wanted with was a full bullnose edge, which rounds the edge all the way around on the granite and Kyle didn’t seem to care about this feature.  I really feel this added a nice touch to the look of the granite and kitchen.  The full bullnose edge was an upgrade, BUT even with the added cost of the edge style we still came UNDER BUDGET!! YESSS!!!

Now onto the marble for the bathrooms and laundry room.

We had about 12 samples of marble to look initially and all would fit our budget price.  After narrowing down our favorites here’s what we were looking at.

Marble Choices2 All four colors had a lot of grey and white, sorry about the quality of the photo, and the last one on the right had the grey and brown mixed. After looking at our cabinet choice, a darker brown color, we changed our minds completely and decided we wanted only white and brown in our marble and that sample isn’t shown above.


Here’s what we went with!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re SOOO happy we chose this marble, it blends so well with the cabinets and it really gives the counter some nice texture!

What do you think?!

Now to deal with that blue paint that should have been grey…


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