My Current Obsession…Our Backsplash

The kitchen…The most important part of a home, and the most important room to make perfect…

Our kitchen will the focal point of our living space and the area everyone will relax and hang out…So important…No pressure…

After going back and forth trying to decide if we should put in an island or a bar, we decided to go with the bar.  We felt a counter height bar would allow more cabinet space and more seating than an island, so this is what we put in.

We are going to be able to fit 5ish barstools around the ledge, and we will also have the breakfast nook table right under my World Market light, that obviously I’m obsessed with because I keep talking about it in my posts… lol

So after choosing our layout for the kitchen we chose our cabinets and granite, but then we had to make a decision for our backsplash.

Did we want to go with travertine, brick, decorative or subway tile?

My husband really liked the look of the travertine and so did I, but I just didn’t feel like it was the right decision…

I looked at TONS of photos online and started paying a LOT more attention to kitchens I walked into, and after obsessing I made a decision that my husband wasn’t super excited about…

I decided I really wanted subway tile, no grout and off white in color to coordinate with the cabinets and with the the dark brown granite I really felt it would look amazing.

Not only did we need to decide the MATERIAL for the backsplash, but we needed to decide how we wanted it to look…SOOO many decisions…

After choosing what we wanted there was the anticipation of waiting for the backsplash to be installed…2 months went by and then I received a text from the contractor of the finished product…


I have to say, I’M COMPLETELY IN LOVE with how it turned out!! I’m so glad I went with my gut and choose this BEAUTIFUL off white subway tile as well as the decorative touch where the cook top will be and the potfiller!  I seriously can’t wait to see everything installed, and I can’t wait to actually COOK in OUR kitchen!!!

The company that installed was Floor Works in Dallas, Georgia.  The same company that installed our BEAUTIFUL tile shower and bathroom floors and I have to say they did an AMAZING job!

One more thing checked off our list!


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