Being a Parent is so Hard…


I couldn’t ask for a more loving, creative or intelligent son than my Hunter, but sometimes being a parent is so much harder than I’d ever imagined.


Sometimes he makes bad choices: talking back, not listening, you know some of the normal behaviors that come with being a 5 year old to test boundaries.  Some days it would be SO much easier to not discipline him when he does something wrong and some days I LONG to allow his free spirit to just run wild and act anyway he chooses, but I know that in the end my husband and I are the ones that have to guide him through this crazy life and teach him how to be a hardworking, strong, caring, motivated adult.

We’re the ones that carry the burden of disciplining him when he gets angry and doesn’t want to clean up his toys, or when he acts up at school… Sometimes it would be so much easier to not ground him or to not punish him with chores, but one day he will be an adult, and one day he will have to face choices and if we never show him what good choices are than he will be unable to make these choices on his own and be successful in HIS life…It’s OUR job as parents…

This boy holds a deep place in my heart…Deeper than I could have ever imagined… ❤

He’s such a sweet boy and deeply cares about so many things.  He makes SO many good choices, but there are always those bad choices that creep up…

I constantly struggle with not wanting to discipline him and knowing I need to … Realizing that being a parent, disciplining and guiding him to make better choices is what he NEEDS but usually isn’t what he WANTS

Why is parenting so difficult?

I feel parenting is difficult because we love our children more than ANYTHING else in the entire world and we WANT to see them succeed and make good choices, and when they don’t we actually feel as if we’ve failed as a parent…Maybe that’s just me, but I want to see my children succeed in all areas of life and when something happens that we don’t expect it’s hard to take in and disciplining means watching your child be upset sometimes and that I believe is more painful than anything else in the world.

Not only do we carry the burden of disciplining our children, but we carry the burden of lifting our children up.  I’m not so sure I consider this a “burden,” but sometimes when our children need us the most isn’t always with disciplining… It’s also the times when our children need our encouragement. Hunter constantly talks to me about how he’s going to build these amazing robots one day that will clean the house for me and cook dinner because he knows that if I had a robot to do that we could have more time together, he totally so gets me, and I NEED to ALWAYS be there to encourage all his dreams.

It’s so easy after a long day at work to only “half-listen” to our children.  It’s so easy to really be thinking about work, bills, dinner anything really and just nod your head.  When you do this you’ve just missed a HUGE opportunity with your child, but I must admit I’ve done this myself a time or two and it breaks my heart when I realize it. It’s my JOB as a MOTHER to do my very best to always encourage any dream or ambitions  my children have, even if that means encouraging Hunter to be the best Jedi or the best Robot Builder he can be because it’s important to HIM.  Soon my daughter will start to have dreams and ambitions of her own and I know that I need to be there for her, listen and encourage them all.

Our children need a balance of our guidance and our uplifting encouragement to help them become great adults.  Children need our guidance to learn responsibility, patience, generosity, honestly and gratitude and we can’t do that by ignoring and pretending everything is fine because we’re tired from a long day at work.

How do we teach our children these things?

We teach our children these traits by being a good role model for them and providing consistency.

It’s not always easy…It’s actually really hard, but in the end being a good role model makes all the difference in the world!

When you go home tonight, listen to your children and encourage them with all their dreams but remember you are the one that will shape the adult they will become. ❤


Sheetrock, Paint and Stain

From THIS…


In only a few short days! I CAN’T believe how different it looks with PAINT!!

So the COLORS of the house ended up being PERFECT and we’re soooo relieved!  I’ve added the color names and brand below!

  • Hardiplank Base Paint Color = Sherwin Williams Sandy Ridge 7535

  • Trim = Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan 7531

  • Stain = Mahogany

I was on pins and needles wondering how the paint was going to look in person… I originally found these paint colors from a picture of a home we liked online and we’d NEVER seen the colors in person but MAN it’s SPOT ON!! ❤  Thank goodness, right?!

The last couple weeks we’ve had to pick out our floors, lights, paint colors, rock color/type and our front door style so I’ve had ZERO time to post on here.

Let me just tell you….Our visit to pick out floors and lights…NOT our easiest task by far…This visit took 4 hours and I completely changed what I wanted with our tile colors, BUUUUUUUT I’m super excited about what we’ve chosen!!  Below is a photo of the tile, LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) and our exterior porch light we choose.


The lighter tile will be the floors for all bathrooms, the dark tile will be tiny squares inside our tile shower and the marble arrow will go across as an accent in our shower!!  THAT part of choosing took FOREVER!  I NEVER thought we were going to agree, and honestly my AMAZING husband just gave in and let me get the arrow around the shower! Hah!  We also broke the budget a little bit with our floors…oops…

I also wanted real hardwoods originally, but once we started talking with the floor company and explained that we are putting this flooring in the kitchen as well as the bottom floor of the house, with 3 dogs and 2 children LVP was our best choice.  Maybe one day we will change to real hardwoods, but for now this hand-scraped LVP is perfect!

There were a few light styles I couldn’t find when we were choosing, so we decided to purchase a few on our own.  The light below will be the chandelier for the dining room, and THIS was an exciting purchase because I’ve been eyeballing this light for a while (approximately a year)!

WoodBeamChandelierThe light was made by West Ninth Vintage and as soon as I saw it I fell in LOVE with it!  Thank goodness my husband likes it too! Our amazing family wanted to pitch in for this light for my birthday! ❤

To tie in the wood look of the previous chandelier we choose the light below and purchased two.  One will be placed in the Foyer and one will be put in the Breakfast Nook.  The color looks black here, but that’s just my photo taking flaw, it’s actually a dark brown tint.

WoodChandelierThese lights were purchased at World Market and for the price of $129.00 apiece and the style matching EXACTLY what I wanted, I couldn’t pass them up!  I did have to drive about 45 minutes away to grab them up because they were the ONLY TWO left in all their stores, but it was totally worth the drive!

After ALL these decisions were made we went to visit the house and we had SHEETROCK STARTED!!

I’ve hyperlinked below some videos of the inside!!

The sheetrock being installed really allowed us to feel the space we’re going to have in our home.  There were a few spaces I was worried about originally, like the breakfast area and the living room, but once the sheetrock was up it felt COMPLETELY different and we couldn’t be happier!

Next Steps:

  1. Have Lights Installed

  2. Have Floors Installed

  3. Have Rock Installed

Windows, HardiePlank®, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical!

We have WINDOWS, some HardiePlank® siding and MOORE!

It wasn’t a difficult decision to use HardiePlank® for our siding, though it is more expensive.  This will allow us to change colors on the house, if we ever want to, it has a 50-year limited warranty, its rot and insect resistant, the appearance is prettier than vinyl, its fire resistant (by 90% WOW), and it’s storm resistant.


Some people see the maintenance of repainting and maintaining the HardiePlank® as a CON, but I actually like the idea of being able to change the look of our house one day if we really want to.  If you’re building a home the type of siding is a HUGE decision and you should take the time to research all your options and choose what fits your family.

Something else that my husband REALLY likes is that our doors leading to the backyard all have blinds inside the glass, but they have the option to be pulled all the way to the top so you can still see out of it as a big sheet of glass if you want!  (I can totally see my husband closing these and me reopening them and EVENTUALLY they will be broken, BUUUUUT let’s hope not!)

We decided to go with Almond colored Legend Series windows with no panes inside made by Comfort View.  I’ve already played with these windows and they are SUPER easy to open and close, which I love for ME but not sure how I feel about that for my children.  My favorite feature of the windows is how the bottom window flips inward to allow for easy cleaning!! WIN!

I can’t wait to see that almond colored window next to the finished exterior!! It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤

We also have most of the electrical finished, the HVAC and plumbing!!! I can’t believe it’s moving so fast!
HVAC & Electrical

Just LOOK AT THIS JETTED TUB!! I think we’re ALL excited jump in this thing!! ❤  It was a LITTLE more expensive, about $800 total so not too bad, but I feel like it’s TOTALLY worth the investment!!
Master Tub

I’ve heard so many awful stories about building from so many people and how they say they will NEVER build again, but honestly this has been so much fun so far!! It took us a LONG time to get started, but once we did it’s been fantastic!!

Back Doors

Thank you for reading,
Megan Moore

We have a ROOF, and so much more!

I can’t believe its been almost THREE WEEKS since I’ve posted!! We’ve had SO much going on with the build and getting our house ready to list!!

We have a ROOF!

The roof went up SO FAST, only a couple of days, which I was super surprised to see, and the wrapping of the house was done within those two days as well!!

Picking the color of the roof was a no-brainer for my husband, but I thought for just a slight second that we should pick a roof with some browns in it because the colors on the house were going to be brown…Our awesome builder highly recommended the color Charcoal because it lasts longest…So we went with Charcoal!

We also met with the Electrician, Plumber, HVAC and Builder in a matter of 5 hours one afternoon, which seemed SUPER productive to do it all at once and to have everyone overlapping and having the opportunity to discuss.I would HIGHLY recommend meeting like this if you’re going to be building a home.

We ended up choosing the cabinets below.
CabinetsThe Bisque (off white with the brown creases) will go in the kitchen and the brown cabinets will go in the bathrooms and the laundry room!  The cabinets will also have the style of the Bisque sample shown above and are made of maple wood.

It took me WEEKS to talk Kyle into the Bisque cabinets, but as soon as he saw his friends cabinets, which are similar, he finally said YES!! HOORAY!!

Originally I wanted a plate rack in the kitchen, BUUUUUT I decided that two large cabinets on either side of my master sink would be a better place to spend money.  Sooo…No Plate Rack, but extra cabinets for Mommy’s Accessories!! WIN!

We also ended up moving our appliances around after speaking with the Cabinet Supplier, Bobby.  Sweet Bobby is a good ‘ol country boy and he was so easy to talk to and super sweet! ANYWAY… ended up removing the Double Oven and having a wall mounted Oven and Convection Oven, due to the overruns on the extra $4K my husband spent on AC…Gotta make that cost up SOMEWHERE, but we always seem to so I’m not too worried at this point.

Here’s where the kitchen will be and the island. OH and that super excited, handsome boy, hes mine! ❤

Speaking of the HVAC…We originally budgeted for a basic HVAC system with two units.  The house is just shy of 2800 sq ft and is two story so the need for two high efficient units is REAL, especially with my husband wants our house FREEZING 24-7.  Another factor in needing more efficient units is that our son has Asthma, so we made some slight improvements to the filters and storage of the HVAC system.  Hopefully this HVAC system, $4K over budget, makes our house freezing in no time or the Hubby WONT be happy…(He works outside ALL day and needs to come home to a cold house to be in a good mood, sooooo its worth it! HAH!)

Did you notice all the outlets in the last photo?! YES they’ve already started the electrical AND plumbing!!! Have I mentioned Russ Tibbitts is an AMAZING builder?!

WE MIGHT be a little excited?!

HELP NEEDED! I need help deciding on BATHROOM TILE!  I love the grey subway tiles and I’m thinking we would want a darker floor in the shower, maybe the round pebble looking floor…? HELP!!!!

Exceeding Expectations

After the excitement of the concrete being poured I quickly became overwhelmed with MOORE excitement!



After only a few short days, I was so surprised to see how quickly the house was being framed!!

When we saw the concrete poured before the framing started it really made the house feel small… Once the framing started it felt like a completely different space!

Being able to walk inside the house, with a lot of the framining done, has quickly assured us that our home does NOT feel small like it did when we only saw a slab of concrete.

Unlike many people I know who have built a home, building a custom home didn’t allow for us to walk into our floorplan prior to building.  This was a scary unknown for us, but I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what it would somewhat feel like because we measured all the rooms in our currnet home.  Our current home has really big rooms throughout, which we love and we were sure to keep that trend in this home.

If you’re building a custom home and can’t walk through your floorplan I would  HIGHLY recommend measuring the rooms wherever your currently living and comaparing the sizes of the room to allow you to feel how big your spaces will be.

My FAVORITE part of this home currently is THE FRONT PORCH!!! I can’t wait for them to frame up the gable and to see what the entrance of our forever home will look like! I can just picture myself in a rocking chair drinking my coffee on a Saturday morning and just taking in the beauty!!  ❤


When I walked into the house I immediately started picturing where I was going to be putting furniture….is this normal?? I was trying to decide what would I put in the entrance, what would I hang in the hallway and I even started talking outloud and of course my husband was NOT thinking that far ahead, except for the living room furniture – BIG DEAL for him. ❤


After my moments of awe, I started to watch how our son, Hunter, was reacting.  He was running around in excitement, talking so fast I couldnt even understand him!!  As soon as we walked upstairs he picked out his bedroom, which changed once he walked into them vs seeing them on paper. Every move he made helped reassure me that we’re making the right decision.

Where was our sweet Adaline in all of this……? In the car watching Moana….That girl is OBSESSED with that amazing movie at the young age of only 19 months!  I can’t pull her away from that movie for ANYTHING lately, except maybe food! HAH!


Hunter LOVED looking down from the windows and talking about how high up he was, which of course TERRIFIED ME to see him do, but I had to keep myself from freaking out and ruining the moments he was having and enjoy the moments with him.


This view out our Master Bedroom though…amazing!  I can’t wait to see all the beautiful grass in our yard!

While the framing was taking place our builder was already asking us questions I didn’t expect:

  1. What color doorknobs are you going to want?

  2. What color roof are you going to want?

  3. What color windows are you wanting?

Our builder continues to surprise us and show us how on top of his job he really is.  I’m so grateful for this.


This adventure has by far exceeded any expectations I’ve ever had.  I’m so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement these days that I can’t hardly talk, think or dream of anything else! So if you’re having a conversation with me and I drift back to talk about building our home and I’m driving you crazy….sorry….I’m just so excited I can’t stand it!


Are we living here yet?!


What’s better than the BEST Mudroom design?!

I originally thought I had the BEST Mudroom design for our Forever Home, but the more I look at designs on Pinterest the more I question how we will design our Mudroom and the clock is ticking!

Below is the original design I found and fell in love with. Mudroom
I LOVE the cabinets, the hooks and the space to sit to take shoes off!! Perfection right?!

Well… Then I decided to search Mudrooms on Pinterest AGAIN, which I probably shouldn’t have done because I found this GENIUS design with one side having a counter!!!

A M A Z I N G!

I’ve only got a month or two to make this HUGE decision!  I’d love some opinions, ideas and comments to help make this OH SO IMPORTANT decision!!

Building a custom home is such a blessing and I’m so emotionally invested its ridiculous, but honestly it’s so difficult because the options are ENDLESS!!!  SOMEONE HELP!!

Megan Moore

Last Minute Plumbing & Concrete

We received a text from our builder on April 17th around 6:00 PM stating that concrete would be poured the following morning!! SO exciting right?! Not for my husband who had decided he wanted to self install plumbing in his shop…

Kyle stopped at the hardware store on his way home, spent about $90 on plumbing pieces, came home and kissed the children and went to the lot to install plumbing.  It took him about 3 hours to install the necessary plumbing pieces for a toilet and sink, which he had NEVER done before, and he did an AMAZING JOB!!

The next morning around 8:45 AM our builder, Russ Tibbitts (AMAZING BTW), started to text us photos of the concrete being poured!!

It’s such a great feeling knowing our builder is SO on top of things.  When he says something is going to happen it does, which really makes me feel at ease due to my tendency to over analyze E V E R Y T H I N G.

When I get in the zone of over analyzing details my husband likes to sing “She’s sun and rain, she’s fire and ice, A little crazy but it’s nice”  Garth Brooks – She’s Every Woman.  My husband is a special kind of person who expresses his feelings and thoughts through songs, I think his second language is “SONG LYRICS.”  I love this about him! ❤

Something I WASN’T prepared for the next question our builder would ask while the concrete was pouring…”Are you going to want your kitchen bar like your plans show or are you going to want an island?”  O-M-G… PANICI WAS NOT READY to answer this question…

I text my husband, my Mom and even asked my friend Laura what she thought. Honestly,  I really love the look of an island, but a bar would allow for extra seating…. After what seemed like forever, maybe 30 minutes, we decided to keep the bar, but instead of having the back part where the seats go raised all of the counter would be the same height.


Another thing that kept popping up in my mind while making the decision of the bar or the island, was the difficult time we had finding tall bar stools in our current home.  Not only were they difficult to find but they were A LOT more expensive, so the counter height bar will overall be a better decision!

Now that the Concrete has been finished, framing is next!  Framing was supposed to start today, April 24, 2017, BUT we’ve been rained out so TOMORROW they will be framing!! Weather calls for SUNSHINE!! WAHOO!!

Yesterday I met with our awesome builder to discuss a few changes to our plans we’re wanting to be made.  Below is a list of changes to our plans that we discussed with our builder.
  1. Change the single door in the Breakfast Nook to a double door (This is my husbands MUST-HAVE for an easy move in)
  2. Replace the arch in the front porch with a pretty gable and add another above the garage.
  3. Removing the door from the Mud Room to the hallway
  4. Add a Pot Filler above the stove
  5. Make the children’s upstairs bathroom bigger to allow for a double sink
  6. Add window in the master closet
  7. Remove linen closet in master and make this space for additional counter space or a tall cabinet

So far we’re very happy with our builder and our land. 

Panoramic photo before concrete went in.


Waiting on the Inspector

After four LONG weeks of grading, and making sure EVERYTHING was PERFECT we finally have an idea on how big our yard is going to be!!


It’s a little difficult to tell, but in the second photo you can see behind the child in blue, my son Hunter, is where they have staked the house!!

CAN YOU SEE THAT BIG BACKYARD?! Oh my goodness I’m excited!

We had to have quite a bit of extra dirt brought in to make the backyard bigger and to better my husbands shop area, which is to the very left of the second photo, but we feel it was TOTALLY worth the wait!

Lessons Learned:
1. Creating a “perfect” backyard is more difficult than you may think.
2. One tiny gradual slope in the land can make a HUGE drop off.

With two small children we are a little worried about the drop off created at the back of the yard before the woods, so we’ve decided to fence the area up top, which will also allow our dogs to have their own fenced in area below to “Do Their Business.”  This was a GENIUS suggestion from my oh so smart husband!

With a Great Dane and two other dogs, we’ve always had to avoid their “Landmines” while playing in the yard and now we wont have to!!

After four LONG weeks of grading, we had the plumbing installed in just ONE DAY!

The inspection for the plumbing is scheduled for today, and then they will pour the concrete!

I feel like we’re getting really close to all of the EXCITING STUFF!

A Little Rain Caused Decorating

The rain has put a small delay on our building timeline, so I decided to share a little about my recent decorating purchases for the new home.

My current obsession…..Magnolia Market.

I really love EVERYTHING on their site, but I will only spend SO MUCH on a pillow$60 for a pillow is too much for me, so I probably wont be owning any of their ADORABLE pillows unless someone buys them for us.

What I have purchased off of their site, I LOVE!

I REALLY love all the florals offered on the Magnolia Market site!!  I’ve purchased the Cotton Stems after a TON of reasearch, googling and searching for cheap, good quality cotton stems and the ones off of Magnolia Market were the best bang for my buck, and I would HIGHLY recommend them.  The small stems (22 inches long) are $6 for one and the long stems (30 inches long) are $8 for one.

These cotton stems are AMAZING quality!  They are beautiful in person and the stems are made with a wire in them so they easily bend to your liking.  I used the cotton stems in the Small – Zinc Norah Vase, from Magnolia Market, as well as in my Natural Grapevine Wreath on my fireplace mantle.  The wreath was purchased on Amazon for only $15.54, which I felt was a great prices for 2 days shipping.   Putting this wreath together was super easy, the stems easily bent around the sticks and no string, glue or ties were needed and I only used 4 small stems!

For the sake of testing quality, I did purchase other cotton stems from, which are shown below, but the quality is good but they are MUCH shorter and have a lot more brown pieces, which I don’t particularly like.  I will not be purchasing cotton stems from them again, only because the stems from Magnolia Market were so prettier, and similar in price.


My sweet husband has recognized my current obsession with Joanna Gaines and for Valentines Day this year he purchased me the metal sign below, We Were Together I Forget the Rest, which is now discontinued because of high demand.


I CAN NOT WAIT to find the perfect place for this sign in the new home!

So aside from my love of Magnolia Market, Hobby Lobby has another place in my heart for decor, though I do wish they were open on SUNDAYS!

The galvanized vase and florals below were a recent find at Hobby Lobby, that really added some much-needed greenery to our home.  I love how realistic the stems look, though I can’t remember for the life of me what they are called! HAH!


And then there’s Amazon Prime…Where I currently buy almost EVERYTHING…It’s a serious problem in my husband’s eyes. HAH!  THAT will have to be another blog post entirely.


Let me start by saying that the grading process has actually been pretty enjoyable…for the lot anyway

The grading of our easement is another story entirely. Buh…

Below shows the first day of grading that took place, which is cleared on the right for the front yard and part of the house.

Having 3 acres and a fairly flat lot, we knew up front that we wanted a decent sized front yard and a pretty big back yard.

The backyard is one of the MOST important features of this house for me… I’ve struggled with having our backyard be a whole floor down from our main living space, which ISN’T ideal for little children.  Anytime Hunter wants to go play in the backyard I CONSTANTLY have to walk out on the back porch to see him, which makes getting ANYTHING done almost impossible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When choosing our plans, we decided to use Monster House Plans, we were careful to choose a home that would allow us to see into the backyard while standing on the first floor of the home.  Once we move in we wont be having this issue ANY MORE!


This picture shows Kyle talking with the really cool grader on the second big day of grading.  Most of the house area is now graded, and there still needs to be some more grading for the backyard!
Partial Lot

Other than the rain slowing us down a little, as well as the annoying easement issues we’ve been having, this part of our building process has been very enjoyable.  It’s exciting to see progress!

We should see the remainder of the lot graded today!!

Let’s not forget the area where Kyle’s shop will go!  We’ve decided to move the shop a little closer to the house than originally planned, to allow us to save some extra dirt for the backyard leveling and grading.  We originally wanted the shop pretty far from the house, because we know how noisy it can get when he works on trucks, but realistically the farther away the shop is the more money we’re going to spend.

The area on the left side that’s partially graded is going to be Kyle’s shop area, and you can see the house and yard area to the right.

The more I see getting done here, the more I realize we’ve gotta get moving on some of the things we’re doing to our house to sell!!

Time to buckle down!